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Élections Québec's Open Data

Welcome! Data available on this website is accessible to everyone, but is mostly used by media, IT developers and researchers. It is used, among other things, on websites, for applications and in studies. Regardless of the use, you must accept and respect the terms and conditions of use provided for under our user licence agreement.


  • Consult data to select to right files to use.
  • Consult archives for examples of files that are available during an election period. There are examples for both by-elections and general elections.
  • Consult the documentation for a description of names of fields.
  • Test your solution on the simulation day.
  • On election day, the results files are updated every two to five minutes starting at 8:00 pm. We ask you to be reasonable in the way you refresh the data provided in order to ensure the stability or our network infrastructures.
  • Contact us for any specific technical questions.